Products and Services


Provide Aerial drone surveys of Industrial, Agricultural, or Real Estate properties.

Designed and built-for-purpose small custom unmanned vehicles to quickly fill capability gaps, increase situational awareness, and reduce danger to the force. Our systems provide the tactical advantage to special operations forces and in multiple environments.

Illuminate and recommend the right existing technologies that meet mission requirements, then train teams in best execution practices in order to increase effectiveness in applying those technologies.


Provide tactical level cyber hardening of equipment and best practice consultation to protect the modern warfighter against peer and near peer adversaries.

Provide basic tradecraft training and red teaming to help the warfighter use best practices while minimizing or obfuscating their digital footprint and digital signature.

Design and build their own devices to conduct digital surveys of contested environments


Provide solution development and delivery of Command, Control, Communications, Cyber, Combat Systems, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C5ISR) technology capabilities to the tactical edge. Train teams on organic self-sufficient communications applications to successfully accomplish their mission on the edge.