About Us

Veterans | Soldiers | Problem Solvers

Armored Innovations is a veteran-owned small business relentlessly focused on capabilities development, problem solving, and delivery of solution-based applications at the tactical edge. We combine our unique Special Operations experience with mission-based innovation to provide soldiers real-world solutions in order to overcome the rapidly evolving threats on the modern battlefield.

We specialize in:

  • Unmanned Systems Development, Deployment, and Operational Training
  • C5ISR Special Communications
  • CAD Design and 3D Printing
  • Cyber Defense, Systems Hardening, and Vulnerability Assessment

Over 20 Years of Experience

Tomorrow’s battlefield will present challenges to the warfighter unlike anything seen before in the history of warfare. Our organization consistently analyzes the challenges encountered by servicemembers and develops real-time solutions. We take a boots-on-ground approach in order to get it right.